Green areas for Malaga airport

Malaga airport needs brightening up
Malaga airport needs brightening up

Malaga airport has recently undergone almost 1 billion Euros of reformations and improvements including the new terminal, runway and carpark but with almost 8 million Euros remaining in the pot the airport is about to receive a green finish.

Some of Spains major construction firms are in the running for the contract for the ‘environmental integration’ of the huge expanse of concrete that now dominates the airport.

The Ministry of Development currently has 38 proposals, from a total of 78 companies, to consider.

The works will include landscaping the land that runs along the side of the new runway and its access areas. Garden areas are also planned for the space adjoining the north access road, along with any other spaces left around the buildings and roads. The old terminal will be included in the works. Existing garden areas will be modified to “fit in” with the new landscaping and water saving features, such as an integrated irrigation system, are also planned.

Although no fixed date has been set Aena, the Spanish airports authority, expect the second runway to come into service in early 2012.