Andalusian homes improved for disabled residents

Since the beginning of the year the Basic Functional Adaptation Housing Program has helped over 5,000 Andalusian families to improve mobility access to their homes. The program is part of the Agreed Housing and Land Plan 2008-2012.

Families with people over 65 years or with a disabled member were awarded grants to pay for the work which also included assistance to improve security at their homes. Almost 7  million euros has been spent on the program so far.

The types of work carried out include widening of doors and gates, installing non-slip floors, installing handrails, and ensuring gas and electrical installations are safe.

Seville has received the most aid so far with 1.55 million euros which has helped 1,167 families.  926 families were helped in Malaga with 1.25 million euros in aid.

Up to 70% of the work (with a 2000 euro maximum) is paid for by the Andalusian Government. They will also pay 70% of any technical fees with a maximum budget of 600 euros.

The grants are awarded to those with a degree of disability equal to, or above, 40% or those over 65 years old, with an annual family income below 18,000€. The grant must be for their permanent residence.