Senior tourism grows in Andalucia

Andalucia has had a good year for tourism from all age groups and, thanks to the Senior Tourism Europa Programme, over 30,000 over 55’s  visited Andalucia for their holidays. The programme has been running since 2009 aimed at people between 55 and 80, an age group which make up about 17.4% (127 million) of the population of the EU.

The oldest population can be found in Germany followed by Italy, France and the UK. Age is no longer a factor when travelling and Andalucia, the Canary Islands, Valuencia and the Balearic Islands aim to take advantage of this, especially as this age group usually has higher spending power than younger tourists. They take holidays over an average of 7.7 days and spend an average of €323, not including the hotel cost.

Andalucia’s coastal areas have been taking part in the programme including Almeria, Cadiz, Granada, Huelva and Malaga. The most popular destinations for the over 55’s has been Benalmadena with 29% of visitors

The Junta de Andalucia is also promoting the programme to Eastern Europe. The third edition of the programme, which finishes in April, is aiming at travellers from Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Austria, Luxembourg, Romania and the Czech Republic. More traditional markets including France, Italy and Bulgaria are also included in the programme.