Real-Estate Agents – Videos or photos?

The Costa del Sol is still a very popular destination for home buyers and all the real-estate agents on the coast are fighting for each and every client that lands.

So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you make your agency seem better than all the others?

More and more agents are realising that the internet is likely to be the first stop for all prospective home-buyers. Your website has become the new shop window where potential customers can browse your stock without being hassled by over-eager, commission-driven sales-staff. Gone are the days when the client could only see your product by visiting you in your sunny, air-conditioned office.

So now it’s all about the web – how do you make yours the most interesting?

Video or photo?

A nice website, or even a poor one, can show anything these days. As technology moves forward so should your website. Not so long ago being able to include images on your website was a revelation! People were amazed when they saw photos of themselves or places they had visited appearing, albeit slowly, on the screen in front of them.

Nowadays there isn’t much you can’t put on a website. Video is the new photo as far as the internet goes and with the increased speed of most internet connections there is no reason why you couldn’t include them on your site.

As they say… “A picture tells a thousand words” – so how much more can a video tell?

Adding a video walk-through to a property listing will drastically increase it’s appeal. Allowing the clients to view the rooms from different angles, to see the layout and “walk-through” the property gives much more information than a fixed image. When you go to a property to take photographs why not flick the camera to video mode (if available) and walk through the property again. It doesn’t take long – a 1-2 minute clip will be good enough. Don’t make the mistake of uploading half an hour of video for each property – people wont watch for that long. Watch an example video here.

A video doesn’t have to be a video, if you know what I mean? A “clip” can be made using still images spliced together. Using zoom functions to bring an image closer to the camera can give the impression of moving images. Many companies create clips using this method and it can be very effective, and cheaper.

360 degree panoramic videos are also popular these days. With these interactive clips the user is able to control the camera. The view can be moved left or right, up or down and can usually be zoomed. This allows the user to virtually “walk-through” the property giving the feeling of being there. You can see some examples of these interactive videos here.

I would recommend using both images and videos but be careful. Less is often more with websites so don’t pack your site full of videos or images. Information is the key – relevant, useful information. Google can’t read your image or video files, only the text – it will recognise the existence of images/videos but is unable to determine the content. 10 images and 1 video per property will usually suffice. Be aware that when a customer requests more information that is what they require – don’t send the same pictures they have already seen on your site. Keep some images off the website to act as “more information” when requested.

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  1. I agree that offering a video is more important in today’s real estate market. I create videos of all of my listings, even the lowest priced properties.

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