Taxis to have meters by the end of 2011

The days of taxis operating with no fixed fares in Marbella are numbered – good news for tourists and residents!

The Town Hall passed a new by-law that regulates taxis which was approved earlier this month. The new law obliges taxis to have a meter installed calculating fares according to distance travelled and time taken.

The measure is in line with a new Andalusian regulation and will be applied before the end of the year.

Taxi representatives and the Town Hall are currently working together to fix the fare payable per kilometre. The idea, however is to use the fare table applied in the city of Malaga as a guide. In Malaga the price per kilometre is 0.87€ and the plan  is to use this fare table as a guide for Marbella, although in Marbella the price could be increased slightly to 0.90€.

The modification of the municipal bylaw also brings in the obligation for taxis to accept payment by card from January 1st 2012. Not accepting cards for payment has been a significant problem in a tourist destination as important as Marbella.

I know it’s not really real-estate but important news for anyone who uses taxis in Marbella!