Deal Reached to Legalise Property in Mijas

The Junta and the Ayuntamiento have reached a deal that could see properties legalised within eight months.

The agreement represents a huge step forward in a conflict that has lasted for years. Approximately 8,000 properties were built irregularly or illegally in the Mijas area alone.

The deal was announced on Friday by Manuel Navarro, the local councillor for town planning. He explained the deal to the spokespeople from the three main opposition groups.

An inventory of all irregular properties will now be carried out. This time it will be done far more comprehensively than that which was done by the previous governing team in the town.

The agreement means that the PGOU can be modified in part to legalise illegal or irregular properties. Navarro claims that this proposal will be confirmed after meeting the Delegate for Territorial Ordination in Málaga, Enrique Benítez.

The town planning councillor said that Mijas is leading the way in regularising homes. ‘It may take longer, possibly, but we guarantee to solve this urgent social problem which is one of the main concerns in our municipality’, said Navarro. The process could take between eight and ten months.

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